Other Data Sources

There are a number of sources to acquire GIS data and other geographic data types available on the web. Many of these are free of charge and easily downloadable, while other web sites may charge a fee for downloading privileges or will send you the data on a cd. Unfortunately, GIS data for Ethiopia can be limited or coarse, and users will likely need to create their own data coverages and maps from field surveys, digitizing or further analyses of existing data. If the user decides to download GIS data from the website, careful consideration should be given to:

Simply stated, be sure to investigate the quality of the data. It can be difficult to identify mistakes and inaccuracies on a map, so we suggest that you rely on reputable sources.

Tips for Downloading GIS Data

Downloading data from the web may take some time. Because many computers may be older and web connections are not always reliable, we suggest that any downloads not be conducted during peak internet use. If you have an older computer, it is also advised that you not try to operate any other functions on your computer during the downloading process.

Have a file folder ready on your computer to download your data to. Remember that there are multiple GIS data files associated with a vector or raster data set. Be sure to download all associated files with the data including any metadata.

Once you have downloaded your data from a web source, be sure to check that the projection is compatible with your other GIS data. Chances are that you will need to change or define the new data's projection.

Some data sets will have be available in a compressed format (e.g. zip file) or in another format that may or may not be readily recognized by ArcGIS, so you may need to "unzip" the file, convert the file, or import the file before being able to use it.

Websites Offering Free GIS Data for ETHIOPIA

Websites Offering Free GIS Data for AFRICA