Welcome to the Geospatial Training and Applications website! This website was created to provide training, resources and support in geospatial sciences for land managers, researchers, teachers and students in Ethiopia. As part of the Warner College of Natural Resources - Ethiopia Strategic Alliance, our goal is to provide web-based training opportunities for independent and self-paced learning that will foster sustainable management and conservation of Ethiopia's natural resources.

The content of this website will focus on mapping tools and methods, particularly Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Geographic Information Systems (GIS), satellite remote sensing, and geospatial modeling. Information will be presented in a variety of formats that include a series of training lessons, quick "how-to" guides, downloadable datasets and links to other informative websites. In some cases, we request website users to register and provide feedback on the information presented. This allows us to assess the information presented to ensure that we are developing the best educational materials to meet the needs of natural resource managers in Ethiopia.

It is the responsibility of all website users to supply any hardware, software and equipment used in the training. Any use of trade, product or firm names is for descriptive purposes only and does not imply endorsement by Colorado State University or the project's supporters. All data and training content on this website is intended for educational purposes only.